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Mercenaries Killed In Syria Were Part Of Russian-Backed Hybrid Force

Mercenaries Killed in Syria Were Part of Russian-Backed Hybrid Force By Bill Gertz, View Original February 15th, 2018 President Vladimir Putin / Getty Images Dozens of Russian mercenaries killed in a U.S. airstrike in Syria last week were part of a secret Kremlin-backed private military company, according to U.S. and Ukrainian officials. The dead fighters worked […]

Inquiry Of Soldiers’ Deaths Urges Curtailing West Africa Missions

Inquiry of Soldiers’ Deaths Urges Curtailing West Africa Missions By Thomas Gibbons-neff,  Helene Cooper, Eric Schmitt, View Original February 10th, 2018 Army soldiers carry the coffin of Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright of Lyons, Ga., who was killed by extremists in an Oct. 4 ambush in Niger. A Pentagon investigation has recommended scaling back West Africa missions like the […]

One Of The Men Who ‘Set Europe Ablaze’

One of the Men Who ‘Set Europe Ablaze’ By Alan Furst, View Original February 2nd, 2018 A B-17 bomber drops supplies to the French Resistance at Vercors in July 1944. Credit United States Air ForcePhoto by: United States Air Force THE SABOTEUR The Aristocrat Who Became France’s Most Daring Anti-Nazi Commando By Paul Kix 304 pp. […]

Why The Army Isn’t Prepared For The Next Great War

Why the Army Isn’t Prepared for the Next Great War The National Interest · by Douglas Macgregor · January 31, 2018 Next week the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Airland will hold a hearing on Army modernization. Just twelve months ago, in a similar hearing, the U.S. Army was, according to its own senior leaders, in dismal shape. The […]

Air Force General Behind 5G Memo Leaves White House

Air Force general behind 5G memo leaves White House By Josh Rogin, View Original February 3rd, 2018 The author of a memo arguing for a government takeover of development of the nation’s 5G mobile network has been removed from the National Security Council staff. The memo’s unauthorized release this week caused uproar in the telecom community […]

Russia Boasts Of Using 215 New Weapons Systems In Syria Civil War Served As Kremlin Testing Ground Russia Boasts of Using 215 New Weapons Systems in Syria Civil war served as Kremlin testing ground WIB FRONT February 1, 2018 Dave Majumdar Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin praised the performance of the Russian military and its hardware during the Kremlin’s campaign in Syria, but stressed that Moscow has to fix problems that were brought […]

National Security Expert To Congress: U.S. Not Ready For Warfare’s Future

Excerpts: “The steps necessary to counter these threats are clear. Increase investment in long-range strikes, stealthy uninhabited aircraft to hunt mobile targets, advanced munitions, electronic warfare, and undersea strikes,” said Paul Scharre, a senior fellow and director at the Center for a New American Security’s Technology and National Security Program. He testified at a House […]

Is The U.S. About To Be Kicked Out Of Its Japan Base For The First Time Since The End Of World War Two?

Is the U.S. About To Be Kicked Out Of Its Japan Base For the First Time Since The End of World War Two? By Callum Paton, View Original Elections on the Japanese island of Okinawa could mean the U.S. Marines will have to dismantle a key strategic base built at the end of World War Two. The mayor […]

Strava CEO Responds After The Company’s Heat Map May Have Compromised Secret U.S. Military Bases Around The World

Strava CEO responds after the company’s heat map may have compromised secret US military bases around the world By Alex Lockie, View Original January 30th, 2018 The Pentagon goes dark somehow. Strava Heat Map Strava CEO James Quarles released a statement following the publication of a fitness tracker heat map that may have exposed US military bases […]

What Does Strava Data Tell Us About North Korea?

What does Strava data tell us about North Korea? By Martyn Williams, View Original January 29th, 2018 Strava’s heat map of user activity has been raising some eyebrows for detailing movement of people around military bases, but what does it tell us about North Korea? As you might expect, there isn’t a whole lot of activity in the […]