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SOCOM Looking To Bake In AI Requirements On Every New Program

SOCOM Looking To Bake In AI Requirements On Every New Program · by Paul McLeary Special Operations Command’s Gen. Richard Clarke with students at the Special Forces Qualification Course. WASHINGTON: Special Operations Command is in a “war for influence” with adversaires from non-state groups to state-funded information operations, the command’s top general said recently, and is […]

Special Operators In Syria Are First American Unit To Use Computerized Sights On Their Rifles

Special Operators In Syria Are First American Unit To Use Computerized Sights On Their Rifles · by Joseph Trevithick · June 1, 2020 US Army SHARE Photos have emerged showing U.S. special operators training to use an advanced optical sighting system for their carbines, including against targets simulating small drones, at the strategic At Tanf garrison in southern Syria. This […]

Special Operations Command Wants To Put All Mission Data In A Single Pane Of Glass

Special Operations Command wants to put all mission data in a single pane of glass · by Nathan Strout · May 31, 2020 Special Operations Command wants all of the data operators need presented on a single pane of glass, working as a connecting step between the war fighter and the Department of Defense’s overarching Joint All-Domain […]

Secret Sacrifice: The Agents Who Risked All Behind Nazi Lines

Secret sacrifice: the agents who risked all behind Nazi lines The Guardian · by Gareth Rubin · May 31, 2020 Major Francis Suttill, codenamed Prosper, led a network covering Paris. He was executed six weeks before VE day. Photograph: Courtesy of Francis J SuttillA very ordinary-looking metal canister will appear on BBC primetime series The Repair Shop next month. The size […]

U.S. Eyes Use Of Security Brigade In Tunisia Amid Russia Concerns

U.S. eyes use of security brigade in Tunisia amid Russia concerns Reuters · by 2 Min Read · May 30, 2020 TUNIS (Reuters) – The United States is looking to use one of its Security Force Assistance Brigades in Tunisia, its military said on Friday, amid concern over Russian activity in Libya. Libya’s civil war has drawn in […]

Back To The Shadows: The Future Role Of Special Ops

David Maxwell Comment:  “My 2 cents.  In addition to the high end CT capabilities that we have raised to a high art form (the ability to capture or kill any high value target at the time and place of our choosing), I think SOF’s real value and comparative advantages lie in what I call the […]

Special Operations Command Acknowledges That It Has To Change As AI Is Set To Revolutionize War

David Maxwell Comment:  “This is an elegant and simple quote but one we must think deeply about: “Data is the new ammunition.”  We should always keep in mind that some “data” can only be collected through close personal relationships that can only take place face to face.  I am not an iconoclast and I believe […]

Don Bendell: Green Berets, ‘What Were They, Daddy?’

Don Bendell: Green Berets, ‘What were they, daddy?’ · by Don Bendell Closing the JFK Special Warfare Museum at Fort Bragg would destroy a legacy of military history that should always be revered and remembered. I just learned that the USA Special Operations Command is closing the JFK Special Warfare Museum at Fort Bragg. Closing this […]

Russian Fighters Flown Out Of Western Libya After Haftar Retreat

Russian fighters flown out of western Libya after Haftar retreat Al Jazeera English Russian fighters in Libya were flown out a town south of Tripoli by their Libyan allies after retreating from front lines at the capital, the town’s mayor said. The reported departure of the Russians on Sunday was another blow to the Libya […]

How The Taliban Outlasted A Superpower: Tenacity And Carnage

David Maxwell Comment:  “Given the reports on POTUS direction to have US troop home prior to the November election seems to make this a reality.   All the sayings come to mind here. Americans have the watches and the Taliban has the time.   “You will kill ten of our men, and we will kill one […]