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The Army Is Looking For A ‘Stealth’ Uniform For Combat Troops

The Army Is Looking For A ‘Stealth’ Uniform For Combat Troops · by Michael Peck, The National Interest · May 14, 2018 First, there were stealth fighters that didn’t show up on radar. Now the Army wants uniforms that allow ground troops to escape the notice of electromagnetic eyes. Radar has become an integral part of ground […]

China’s Air Force Activates J-10C Stealth Fighter Jets PLA Air Force activates J-10C fighter jet  Source:Global Times Published: 2018/4/16 13:03:39 1 China’s new J-10C fighter jets have been put into service, which marks an improvement in the combat capabilities and defense of the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the Air Force announced in a statement on Monday. The J-10C is […]

Building The Future Force: Guaranteeing American Leadership In A Contested Environment

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell Comment:  “The 40 page report can be downloaded here:   Interestingly there is no discussion of Special Operations in the future force nor irregular, political, or unconventional warfare, […]

Does China’s J-20 Rival Other Stealth Fighters? ina-chengdu-j-20/?utm_source= CSIS+All&utm_campaign=8b9fad68 40-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_02_02& utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ f326fc46b6-8b9fad6840- 149462657 Does China’s J-20 rival other stealth fighters? Does China’s J-20 rival other stealth fighters?  The Chengdu J-20 marks the first entry of a multirole stealth fighter into China’s armed forces. According to the Department of Defense (DOD), China views stealth technology as a core component in the transformation of its […]

Technology And The Future Of War

David Maxwell’s Comment:  A warning we must heed (It may come down to M4 rifles, 45 cal pistols, paper maps, and compasses): If the Chinese would be unwilling to attack the US satellite system by exploding a nuclear weapon in space, they have already proven to have other means at their disposal: namely, antisatellite missiles […]

HASC Chair Warns U.S. Submarines Can’t Submerge

For Immediate Release: October 30, 2017 Contact: HASC Communications (202)-225-2539 LOSING TIME “Every day we live under a continuing resolution is a day we do damage to our military.”  – Mac Thornberry, Chairman, House Armed Services Committee Submarines Can’t Submerge THE PROBLEM: Submarines must receive certification that they are capable of submerging.  The Navy tries to have […]

U.S. Sends Stealth Jets Into North Korean Crisis

Excerpt: But even the most sophisticated stealth fighter is no panacea for the escalating nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula. “Despite recent statements by top Trump administration officials, there are no neat or efficient military solutions to the mounting threat posed by the regime of Kim Jong Un,” wrote Bruce Bennett, an analyst with the […]

‘We Own the Night’: The Rise And Fall Of The US Military’s Night-Vision Dominance

‘We Own the Night’: The Rise And Fall Of The US Military’s Night-Vision Dominance · by Adam K. Raymond · July 11, 2017 The sky was moonless on the night of May 1, 2011, as two MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters flew toward a walled compound in an upscale enclave of Abbottabad, Pakistan. A power outage further drenched […]

House Armed Services Panel Unveils $696.5 Billion Defense Authorization Bill

House Armed Services Panel Unveils $696.5 Billion Defense Authorization Bill By: Joe Gould, for Defense News // July 10, 2017     WASHINGTON — The House Armed Services Committee unveiled its $696.5 billion defense policy bill on Monday, which reflects an emerging deal among House Republican leaders but falls short what pro-defense lawmakers sought.  The committee’s draft 2018 National Defense […]

On Hyper-War By Gen. (Ret.) John Allen/USMC & Amir Hussain

On Hyperwar By General John R. Allen, US Marine Corps (Retired) and Amir Husain It is more than a revolution in military affairs; it is a revolution in human affairs.   2 January 2018 The battle damage was devastating and constituted the leading edge of what the United States soon would discover was a […]