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Beijing Tightens Screws On Hong Kong, Macau, & Taiwan Residents Working On Mainland POLITICS New mainland China ID card for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents will be revoked if holders pose threat to country, documents reveal State Council, China’s cabinet, publicises document detailing application arrangements for new smart cards Tony Cheung UPDATED : Sunday, 19 Aug 2018, 11:27PM Hongkongers working and living in mainland China will have their […]

Chinese Bombers Likely Training For U.S. Strikes: Pentagon Chinese bombers likely training for US strikes: Pentagon 1 / 2A J15 fighter jet landing on China’s sole operational aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, during a drill (AFP Photo/-)Washington (AFP) – Chinese bombers are likely training for strikes against US and allied targets in the Pacific, according to a new Pentagon report that also details […]

What’s In The New NDAA

David Maxwell Wrote: “A fairly comprehensive treatment (of a document that I am sure could be a thousand pages).Korea highlights:” What’s in the New NDAA By Scott R. Anderson, www.lawfareblog.comView OriginalAugust 14th, 2018 President Donald Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2019 into law on Monday afternoon, at an event at Fort […]

Let’s Not Invite China To Invade Taiwan

David Maxwell Wrote: “Strong words from Gordon Chang”: Let’s Not Invite China to Invade Taiwan By Gordon G. Chang, nationalinterest.orgView OriginalAugust 13th, 2018 In “The United States Must Be Realistic on Taiwan,” Lyle Goldstein, writing on this site, misreads Taiwan’s history, portrays Chinese territorial ambitions as benign, and essentially argues Washington must do what China says because it has […]

U.S. Was Right To Give China’s Navy The Boot

U.S. Was Right to Give China’s Navy the Boot By James Stavridis, View Original August 2nd, 2018 Let’s hit the beach!Photo by: Photographer: Woohae Cho/Getty Images The vast annual military operation known as the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (simply RIMPAC in Pentagon jargon) just concluded on the beaches of Southern California with a huge demonstration of […]

Henry Kissinger Pushed Trump To Work With Russia To Box In China

Henry Kissinger Pushed Trump to Work With Russia to Box In China The former secretary of state pushed one president to use China to isolate the Soviet Union. These days, he’s counseling almost the reverse—and officials are listening. ASAWIN SUEBSAENG ANDREW DESIDERIO SAM STEIN BETHANY ALLEN-EBRAHIMIAN 07.25.18 9:21 PM ET By The Daily Beast, View Original […]

CIA: China Is Waging A ‘Quiet Kind Of Cold War’ Against U.S.

The comment highlighted in blue below is by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell; and, his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell Comment:  “And what was one of  the most prevalent forms of warfare during the Cold War?  Political Warfare.  You may not be interested in political warfare but it […]

Retired Air Force General In Contention To Lead Pompeo’s Asia Team

Excerpts: Dave Stilwell served for 35 years before retiring from the Air Force at the rank of brigadier general in 2015. His last government job was as a top Asia official on the Joint Staff at the Pentagon. There, he worked closely with then-Pacific Command chief Adm. Harry Harris, who just became U.S. ambassador to South […]

Why A Chinese Spy Ship Is Hanging Out Next To Hawaii

Why a Chinese Spy Ship Is Hanging Out Next to Hawaii The international fleet gathered for U.S. Navy-led exercises is being watched by an uninvited visitor. By Kyle Mizokami Jul 17, 2018 Haijun360 The fleet of ships from across the Asia-Pacific region that has assembled for 2018’s Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercises have a familiar observer: a […]

U.S. Sends Two Warships Through Taiwan Strait Amid Heightened Tensions US sends two warships through Taiwan Strait amid heightened tensions with Beijing The Taiwanese government confirmed that the warships sailed through the waters separating Taiwan and the Chinese mainland on Saturday PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 July, 2018, 2:38am UPDATED : Sunday, 08 July, 2018, 6:08am 5  Agence France-Presse Two United States warships entered the […]