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The Pentagon’s Smart Plan For Preventing An Islamic State Comeback

The Pentagon’s smart plan for preventing an Islamic State comeback By Editorial Board, View Original January 16th, 2018 Raqqa in northern Syria is a broken city in the midst of a long, arduous rebuild. But it’s no longer the nerve center for the Islamic State’s mission of carnage. Syrians, the U.S., Europe and the rest of […]

Bin Laden’s Grandson Killed In Airstrike Along Afghanistan-Pakistan Border

Bin Laden’s grandson killed in airstrike along Afghanistan-Pakistan border By Katherine Lam, View Original Bin Laden files declassified: Unexpected finds in trove The CIA has declassified nearly a half a million files taken from the Pakistani compound in which Usama bin Laden was killed. Take a look at some of the strange finds. The 12-year-old grandson […]

Behind The Phoenix Program

Excerpts: To date, the debate over Phoenix has focused mainly on the roles played by the C.I.A. and individual Americans in the program. But a vast majority of Phoenix personnel — soldiers, interrogators and analysts — were Vietnamese. Exploring the South Vietnamese role in Phoenix offers alternative perspectives on its origins and significance. Of all […]

36 Black Swans, Gray Swans, And Pink Flamingoes To Watch In 2018

36 Black Swans, Gray Swans, and Pink Flamingoes to Watch in 2018 View Original December 28th, 2017 While driving along the shore of Lake Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island in September 2011, I saw them for the first time. Black Swans. My wife and I pulled over, jumped out, and spent a half […]

The Future of Conflict: Third Time Around : Global Brief – By Former Dep. CIA Dir.

The Future of Conflict: Third Time Around : Global Brief by John E. McLaughlin The former CIA head revisits his predictions from 2009 and 2014, and projects forward to 2022 For the third time since the inaugural issue of GB in 2009, I will try to look ahead five years to estimate the future of conflict. […]

Project Maven Brings AI To The Fight Against ISIS

Project Maven brings AI to the fight against ISIS · by Gregory C. Allen · December 21, 2017 Maven is designed to be that pilot project, that pathfinder, that spark that kindles the flame front of artificial intelligence across the rest of the [Defense] Department. Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, November 2017 For years, the Defense Department’s most […]

How Obama Manipulated Sensitive Secret Intelligence For Political Gain

‘Benghazi was…..a result of an anti-Islam video,’  lest we forget.  RCP,   How Obama manipulated sensitive secret intelligence for political gain · by Guy Taylor President Obama’s White House had a troublesome tendency to mishandle some of the nation’s most delicate intelligence — especially regarding the Middle East — by leaking classified information in an […]

How ISIS Members Fled The Caliphate, Perhaps To Fight Another Day

How ISIS Members Fled The Caliphate, Perhaps To Fight Another Day By Yusuf Sayman, View Original December 19th, 2017 SANLIURFA, Turkey — A notorious Australian jihadi left the ISIS caliphate this summer and crossed the Syrian border into Turkey. With him was a well-connected Syrian doctor who’d overseen medical facilities in the ISIS capital of Raqqa. […]

U.S. Senate Confirms DoD Special Operations Nominee Owen West

US Senate confirms DoD special operations nominee Owen West Defense News · by Aaron Mehta · December 19, 2017 WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate on Monday confirmed Owen West as the assistant secretary of defense for special operations in a 74-23 vote. West, a retired Marine, published author and Goldman Sachs executive, cleared the Senate Armed Services Committee […]

CIA Won’t Confirm It Has Documents About Yemen Raid That Killed Navy SEAL

CIA won’t confirm it has documents about Yemen raid that killed Navy SEAL By Karen Matthews, View Original December 19th, 2017 NEW YORK — A U.S. government lawyer argued on Tuesday that even just confirming or denying that the CIA has records about a January raid in Yemen would reveal intelligence secrets. The raid resulted in […]