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Viruses: Biological Versus Computer

Viruses: Biological versus computer There are remarkable similarities between how the two kinds of viruses behave, and how they are fought · by More by Mark Webb-Johnson · June 3, 2020 During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, those of us working with computer viruses continue to be amazed at the similarities between the techniques used by […]

Are We Ready For The ‘Burn-In’ And The Real Robotic Revolution? 

Are We Ready for the ‘Burn-In’ and the Real Robotic Revolution? | RealClearDefense · by Michael D. Brasseur Peter W. Singer and August Cole have just released their latest book, “Burn-in: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution.” Singer and Cole describe their work as “useful fiction” as they, through a thrilling, yet plausible story in the […]

Sci-Fi Eye: Natural Selection On The Unmanned Battlefield

Sci-Fi Eye: Natural selection on the unmanned battlefield 12th May 2020 8:00 am Forget the “Terminator scenario”. The future of AI based warfare could be far weirder than that writes Gareth L Powell Two articles in last month’s issue caught my eye. The first was about the Royal Navy’s decision to test extra-large autonomous submarines […]

Newly Released Report: “Breaking The China Supply Chain: How The ‘Five Eyes’ Can Decouple From Strategic Dependency”

Newly Released Report: “Breaking The China Supply Chain: How The ‘Five Eyes’ Can Decouple From Strategic Dependency”      Breaking-the-China-Chain I have not had a chance to read the newly released report as yet from the Henry Jackson Society; but, wanted to go ahead an send a link/attachment tp the report. I hope to […]

Frontrunners Start To Emerge In The Race For A COVID-19 Vaccine

Frontrunners Start To Emerge In The Race For A COVID-19 Vaccine      The title above is from a May 15, 2020 article in this weekend’s Barron’s by Josh Nathan-Kazis. I refer you to Barron’s for Mr. Kazis’s full article. The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is as hot as the final […]

SOCOM All-In On Artificial Intelligence

SOCOM All-in on Artificial Intelligence · by Jon Harper SPECIAL OPERATIONS 5/12/2020 By Image: iStock Special Operations Command is gung-ho about leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities across its portfolio as it faces off against peer competitors and violent extremist organizations, according to top officials. SOCOM Commander Army Gen. Richard Clarke noted that a number […]

One Idea For Speeding A Coronavirus Vaccine: Deliberately Infecting People

One Idea for Speeding a Coronavirus Vaccine: Deliberately Infecting People Debate is rising among scientists about whether a so-called human challenge trial is worth the risk   A big part of preparing for a human challenge trial is developing a strain of the virus that is safe but will infect most participants. Here is […]

U.S. To Accuse China Of Trying To Hack Vaccine Data, As Virus Redirects Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks Iran and other nations are also looking to steal data and exploit the pandemic with attacks on infrastructure, officials say. Chad Wolf, center, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, with President Trump and members of the coronavirus task force in March. The department is preparing to issue a warning about Chinese cyberattacks.Credit…Erin Schaff/The New […]

What If The Pentagon Skipped 5G?

What If the Pentagon Skipped 5G? · by Read bio By Mackenzie Eaglen Resident fellow, American Enterprise Institute Read bio 7:00 AM ET The answer to the headaches and security risks of next-generation mobile communications just might be a technological leap past them. It’s round one of a WWE-equivalent policy fight, and the Federal Communications Commission has beat the […]

Grenade Drone Promises An End To Cover (Infantry), Forever

“Infantry portable loitering munitions.”   Excerpt: Innovation and iteration on all scales of remotely piloted bombs exists today, with a special and new predominance in infantry-portable loitering munitions. Designed to be carried on the backs of soldiers or marines and operated by just one or two people, these weapons lean on drone controls and sensors to let […]