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The China Problem: North Korea Is Just Part Of The Challenge Confronting Trump And The United States

The China Problem Column: North Korea is just a part of the challenge confronting Trump and the United States Share Tweet Email Getty Images BY: Matthew Continetti May 25, 2018 4:59 am “I think I understand why that happened,” President Trump said Thursday, reflecting on a change in North Korean behavior that prompted him to cancel […]

China ‘Dream’ Is Global Hegemony: U.S. Urged To Counter Beijing’s Military, Economic Expansion

China ‘Dream’ Is Global Hegemony U.S. urged to counter Beijing’s military, economic expansion China’s President Xi Jinping / Getty Images China ‘Dream’ Is Global Hegemony U.S. urged to counter Beijing’s military, economic expansion China’s President Xi Jinping / Getty Images BY: Bill Gertz May 17, 2018 2:30 pm China’s large-scale military buildup, regional coercion, and […]

China Will Take Over The World, One Port At A Time   China will take over the world, one port at a time VANDANA MENON 19 April, 2018 ·       Security New research suggests China’s port investments as part of the Belt and Road Initiative are aimed at generating political influence and military presence in the Indo-Pacific. New Delhi: Launched in 2013, China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) […]

How We Lost The Great Pacific War | U.S. Naval Institute

How We Lost the Great Pacific War | U.S. Naval Institute by Captain Dale Rielage The memorial services had finally run their course. Neither of the carriers lost had been homeported at Pearl, but the toll among the destroyers had been more than enough to cast a pall across the island. Having exhausted all the […]

What Beijing Is Building In The South China Sea

Apr 30, 2018 | 14:43 GMT What Beijing is Building in the South China Sea Since China began its extensive land reclamation program in the South China Sea in 2013, Beijing has focused on improving its presence and infrastructure at seven locations in the Spratly Island chain: Cuarteron Reef, Fiery Cross, Gaven, Hughes, Johnson, […]

U.S. Admiral Warns: Only War Can Now Stop Beijing Controlling The South China Sea US Admiral warns: Only war can now stop Beijing controlling the South China Sea WHILE Australian warships were being challenged, a top US admiral was telling Congress Beijing now controlled the South China Sea. Jamie Seidel News Corp Australia Network  APRIL 22, 2018 THE island fortresses are built. The airfields are ready. The harbours are […]

Satellite Images Reveal Show Of Force By Chinese Navy In South China Sea Exclusive: Satellite images reveal show of force by Chinese navy in South China Sea HANOI/HONG KONG (Reuters) – Dozens of Chinese naval vessels are exercising this week with an aircraft carrier in a large show of force off Hainan island in the South China Sea, satellite images obtained by Reuters show. Satellite photo dated […]

China’s “Three Warfares” In Theory And Practice In The South China Sea

Excerpt: The PRC, and particularly the CCP, sees itself today as beset on all sides (and internally) by potential threats, and it seeks to avoid open conflict whenever possible by employing minimally offensive measures to pursue its objectives. [xvi] The Three Warfares of psychological operations, media manipulation, and leveraging of legal processes provide appropriate measures […]

How To Implement The National Defense Strategy In Pacific: By Andrew Krepinevich

Excerpt: The Bottom Line: The National Defense Strategy does a service by getting the diagnosis right. But that is only the first step. To get the right prescription—the defense program—we will have to develop the operational concepts that link the ends sought with the means we can procure to achieve them. How To Implement The […]

Kagitingan Reef May Be China’s ‘Intelligence Hub’ In Spratlys — U.S. Think Tank Kagitingan Reef may be China’s ‘intelligence hub’ in Spratlys — US think tank By: Frances Mangosing– Reporter / @FMangosingINQ / 10:54 AM February 18, 2018 The Kagitingan Reef (Fiery Cross Reef), the smallest of the “Big 3” artificial islands of China in the Spratlys, is likely the “intelligence/communications hub” of the regional superpower on its man-made […]