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Carlos Ghosn’s Companions On Escape Included A Green Beret With A Rap Sheet

Excerpt: Taylor, 59, was born in Staten Island, New York, and adopted by a stepfather who was a career soldier. After graduating from high school in Massachusetts, Taylor served four years in a U.S. Army Special Forces unit, parachuting into hot spots from as high as 40,000 feet. He first went to Beirut in 1982, after […]

Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens To Close 2 U.S. Military Bases

Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens to Close 2 US Military Bases · by VOA News ISTANBUL – Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday threatened to close two strategic military bases used by the United States in Turkey, after Washington warned of sanctions over Ankara buying Russian arms. “If necessary, we can close Incirlik and we can close […]

Erdogan’s Ambitions Go Beyond Syria. He Says He Wants Nuclear Weapons.

Excerpts: It was not the first time Mr. Erdogan has spoken about breaking free of the restrictions on countries that have signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and no one is quite sure of his true intentions. The Turkish autocrat is a master of keeping allies and adversaries off balance, as President Trump discovered in the […]

Residents Of Syrian City Pelt Retreating U.S. Troops With Food

Video at the link: Residents of Syrian city pelt retreating US troops with food The Guardian · by Associated Press · October 21, 2019 Play Video US troops pelted with rotten fruit and stones as they leave Syria – video Residents have pelted apparently retreating US troops with food as they drove through a Kurdish-dominated city in Syria. A […]

Turkey, Syria, The Kurds, And Trump’s Abandonment Of Foreign Policy

Turkey, Syria, the Kurds, and Trump’s Abandonment of Foreign Policy The New Yorker · by Robin Wright · October 20, 2019 Illustration by João Fazenda Much of the world watched aghast, last week, as President Donald Trump shattered any notion of an informed or sane U.S. foreign policy. He paved the way for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, of […]

Opinion | Mitch McConnell: Withdrawing From Syria Is A Grave Mistake

Opinion | Mitch McConnell: Withdrawing from Syria is a grave mistake The Washington Post · by Mitch McConnell Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, is majority leader of the U.S. Senate. Withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria is a grave strategic mistake. It will leave the American people and homeland less safe, embolden our enemies, and weaken important […]

Turkey Fired On U.S. Special Forces In Syria. It’s Absurd That It Still Has U.S. Nukes.

Turkey fired on U.S. special forces in Syria. It’s absurd that it still has U.S. nukes. It’s folly for the U.S. to expose itself to potential nuclear blackmail by keeping these weapons in a country with which it’s increasingly in conflict. NBC News · October 18, 2019 Despite years of spiraling relations with Turkey, the United […]

U.S. Reviewing Options For Pulling Nuclear Bombs Out Of Turkey, Here’s How They Might Do It

U.S. Reviewing Options For Pulling Nuclear Bombs Out Of Turkey, Here’s How They Might Do It The rapidly evolving crisis in Syria may prompt the U.S. to finally remove its nuclear stockpile from Turkey, a move that some say is long overdue. By Joseph TrevithickOctober 14, 2019 The War Zone USAF SHARE The U.S. government […]

Missing The Bigger Picture In Kurdish Syria

Trump’s critics can learn about Middle Eastern culture by watching Lawrence of Arabia.  Remember the first time that Lawrence goes into the desert his guide stops at some oasis.  As the guide drinks from the well, a dark figure on a camel rides fast towards them and then shoots dead Lawrence’s guide. Lawrence is stunned and asks why the […]

The U.S. Is Rethinking The 50-Plus Nuclear Weapons It Keeps In Turkey

The US is rethinking the 50-plus nuclear weapons it keeps in Turkey Tim Fernholz3 hours ago   AP Photo/Emrah Gurel A US Navy aircraft flies over Incirlik airbase in Turkey. Turkish forces are pushing into northern Syria, replacing and sometimes even firing on the US troops retreating at Donald Trump’s orders. The question of whether Turkey, a […]