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U.S. Spycraft And Stealthy Diplomacy Expose Russian Subversion In A Key Balkans Vote

Excerpts: U.S. Spycraft And Stealthy Diplomacy Expose Russian Subversion In A Key Balkans Vote By Eric Schmitt, Helene Cooper, www.nytimes.comView OriginalOctober 9th, 2018 WASHINGTON — For years, Ivan Savvidis has been the Kremlin’s man in Greece. A Greek-Russian billionaire, a former member of the Russian Duma and the owner of a professional Greek soccer team, Mr. Savvidis has […]

What’s In The New NDAA

David Maxwell Wrote: “A fairly comprehensive treatment (of a document that I am sure could be a thousand pages).Korea highlights:” What’s in the New NDAA By Scott R. Anderson, www.lawfareblog.comView OriginalAugust 14th, 2018 President Donald Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2019 into law on Monday afternoon, at an event at Fort […]

History’s Lesson Regarding Russian Cyber Warfare

History’s Lesson Regarding Russian Cyber Warfare Daniel HoffmanFormer CIA Chief of Station Ten years ago this month, war erupted between Russia and Georgia after Georgian troops attacked South Ossetia and shelled the town of Tskhinvali, in response to alleged Russian provocations. Russia justified its military action based on countering Georgia’s aggression- President Medvedev’s called […]

How Moscow’s GRU Spy Agency Targets The West – From Cyber Space To Salisbury

Interesting excerpts: By Andrew Roth In Moscow, www.theguardian.comView OriginalAugust 6th, 2018 ‘The Tower’, a GRU building in Khimki, Moscow, named by Robert Mueller as the base of one of the GRU units that interfered in the 2016 US election. Photograph: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP In Russia’s shadow war with the west, one intelligence agency keeps making headlines. The GRU, […]

Wargaming Moscow’s Virtual Battlefield: Parts I, & II

Excerpts: Bottom Line: Russian involvement in the information domain includes electronic warfare, espionage and active measures such as disinformation, propaganda, psychological pressure, destabilization of society and influence of foreign media. The aim is to sow doubt and division amongst strategically targeted societies with the longer-term objective of boosting Moscow’s comparative power and influence across the […]

Russia Is Preparing For War, British Military Experts Warn

Excerpts: Pointing to Russia’s recent military campaigns, and the nerve agent attack on a former KGB agent in Wiltshire in March – blamed on the Kremlin – Gen Carleton-Smith added: “Their lack of respect for weakness, especially military weakness, hasn’t changed one bit, and as we’ve become more sceptical about the necessity or advantage of […]

The Strategic Goals Of A Restored Russia

The Strategic Goals of a Restored Russia By Michel GurfinkielApril 15, 2018 FacebookTwitterPrintEmailMore2 02 The Lubyanka building (former KGB headquarters) in Moscow, photo via Wikimedia Commons   BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 796, April 15, 2018 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Soviet “deep state” survived the disintegration of the Soviet Union. It is back with a vengeance. The Soviet […]

Forecasting The Future Of Warfare

David Maxwell:  “A long important read with important history (and a “scorecard”).” Excerpt: How Did We Do? You Decide.   I gave up command of the Army War College in the summer of 2000. Gen. Rick Shinseki, chief of staff at the time, kindly asked that I stay on active duty another six months to […]

Is The U.S. Suffering A ‘War Gap’?

Is The U.S. Suffering A ‘War Gap’? By Franz-stefan Gady, View Original April 6th, 2018 In August 2014, I interviewed a group of shell-shocked Christian refugees from the town of Qarakosh — then, the largest Christian city of Iraq — in a makeshift refugee camp in Erbil following their harrowing escape from the terror group Islamic […]

The Case For Extreme Worry

In places that include China and Russia, chief rival powers to the U.S., technology is “empowering top-down authoritarianism as liberal democracy weakens.” The case for extreme worry Axios · by Mike Allen To White House insiders, this is the most dangerous phase of Donald Trump’s presidency so far, from the brewing trade war with China that he denies is a […]