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Don’t Let The CIA Run Wars

Conclusion: Should the military or the CIA lead our seemingly endless man-hunting, drone-firing counterinsurgency war? That is the kind of narrow argument Washington loves to have. The broader question — whether waging this war serves our national interest — remains unaddressed. Using the CIA to run wars is wrong. The larger mistake is believing that any amount of […]

Stocks Close Out May On a Down Note, Weak Month; ‘Greece. Although Technically Solvent — All But Bankrupt’; Friday, June 5, 2015 Non-Farm Payrolls Consensus Is 227K Net New Jobs For May

Stocks Close Out May On a Down Note, Weak Month; ‘Greece. Although Technically Solvent — All But Bankrupt’; Friday, June 5, 2015 Non-Farm Payrolls Consensus Is 227K Net New Jobs For May      Sell in May and Go Away?  Well, it might have worked this time.  Worries about Greece and weak U.S. and China […]

DOW Near 17K On Upbeat Economic Data; ECB Rate Cut

DOW Near 17k On Upbeat Economic Data — So Says Barron’s I tend to believe that the U.S. economy is still anemic and pretty stagnant, considering we’re six years post-recession and growth is still weak and tepid. The strongest, most robust sectors — oil/gas/fraking, is “exploding” in spite of the Federal Government. Having said […]

Fed Chair Bernanke Says Bond-Buying Not ‘A Preset Course’

The Wall Street Journal Markets Alert Bernanke Says Bond-Buying Plans Not ‘A Preset Course’ Employing his clearest language yet, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said that reductions of the central bank’s $85 billion-a-month bond-buying program are “by no means on a preset course” and that the Fed could leave the program intact—or even increase purchases—if […]

CLDX +14% On Friday; GIMO +13.31%; SRPT +2.68%

CellDex (CLDX) Rises 14%, GIMO +13.31%, SRPT +2.68% On Friday What a run for CLDX last week. The shares closed out Friday up $2.62 to $21.27 for a gain of 14.05% and over 30% for the week. I believe the shares could still go considerably higher and I wouldn’t be shocked to see the shares […]

Fed Seen Slowing Stimulus With QE Cut By The End Of This Year

May 1 (Bloomberg) — Chairman Ben S. Bernanke will probably reduce the Federal Reserve’s monthly bond buying in the fourth quarter to $50 billion from $85 billion as he begins to unwind record stimulus, economists said in a Bloomberg survey. Policy makers must find a way to slow the pace of purchases enough to signal […]

ADP Rpt. Says 119K New Jobs In April – Well Below Consensus

Consensus leading into this number was 155K — so, this is — to say the least disappointing. Chicago PMI yesterday was below 50. Two days ago I wrote that I thought we are ripe for a correction here. The economy is sputtering — this, after a $1T in stimulus, the Fed’s QE/asset buying spree, etc. […]

China Is Repeating Japan’s Economic Mistakes

I don’t agree with Mr. Das and I think he is off base in his conclusions. Having said that, we don’t learn much by only reading what we agree with. April 18, 2013, 12:02 a.m. EDT China is repeating Japan’s economic mistakes Commentary: Wasteful investment and spending stunts growth By Satyajit Das Reuters A man […]

Where Does Stock Mkt Go From Here? IT Spending In 2013

S&P Move Past All-Time High; Portfolio For 2nd Half of 2013; GDP Forecasts The S&P moved past its all-time high of 1565 (reached Oct. 2007) and closed at 1569 on Thursday, March 28 &, the last trading day of the first quarter. The S&P rose over 11% for the quarter & both the DOW & […]

Cyprus Resolution In Sight; Europe Economic Contraction

Cyprus Resolution In Sight Before I get into the Cyrus issue, I wanted to talk a little about three speculative stocks/companies that I have referenced in previous notes: Acadia Pharmaceuticals (ACAD); Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT), and Trius Pharmaceuticals (TSRX). Again, as I said in earlier notes, I am not recommending these; but, I have put my […]