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Five Challenges Facing Trump’s Military

The 5: ” 1) The budget;  2) Space force;  3) “Great Power” Competition;  4) Afghanistan; and, 5) Missile Defense.” To these I would add, Cyber, Artificial Intelligence, the potential loss of stealth in the air; under the sea and on the ground; drone/autonomous systems warfare; potential capability surprise on the ‘battlefield’; and biomteic/identity management which […]

U.S. Military Advantage Has Eroded, Study Says

U.S. Military Advantage Has Eroded, Study Says Paul Sonne and Shane Harris, The Washington Post  Published 9:16 pm PST, Tuesday, November 13, 2018 WASHINGTON – The United States has lost its military edge to a dangerous degree and could potentially lose a war against China or Russia, according to a report released Wednesday by a bipartisan commission […]

Five Changes Democrats Will Seek At Pentagon If They Win Power

Five Changes Democrats Will Seek At Pentagon If They Win Power The Hill · by Rebecca Kheel · October 1, 2018 Democrats are pledging to rein in or reverse President Trump’s defense agenda if they take back Congress in November. From seeking to ensure that transgender troops can continue to serve to blocking the administration from building low yield […]

What’s In The New NDAA

David Maxwell Wrote: “A fairly comprehensive treatment (of a document that I am sure could be a thousand pages).Korea highlights:” What’s in the New NDAA By Scott R. Anderson, View Original August 14th, 2018 President Donald Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2019 into law on Monday afternoon, at an event […]

Chinese Robots Swarm The South China Sea: Beijing Is Well-Suited To Exploit Unmanned Machines Chinese Robo-Boats Swarm the South China Sea Beijing is well situated to exploit unmanned machines WIB SEA May 31, 2018 Robert Beckhusen China62 robots3 A video from late May 2018 shows a swarm of 56 small, unmanned boatsoperating in the South China Sea. While a rudimentary demonstration, it mirrors similar exercises performed by U.S. Navy boats practicing — […]

Parades And Pomp: What Do Russia’s Armed Forces Have to Celebrate? The Picture Is Far From Rosy

Moscow Times May 11, 2018 Parades and Pomp: What Do Russia’s Armed Forces Have to Celebrate?  The picture is far from rosy. By Michael Kofman Michael Kofman is a senior research scientist with the Center for Naval Analyses. ‎Russia’s annual May 9 parade is not just a commemoration of the nation’s victory over Germany in […]

A Shadowy War’s Newest Front: A Drone Base Rising From Saharan Dust

Excerpts: Later this summer, workers will lay five inches of asphalt atop the rock bed. In all, commanders say they will pave some 39 acres of airfield. While built mainly for the Reaper drones, the runway and adjoining taxiways and ramps must be able to handle much heavier C-17 cargo planes. Three huge hangars capped […]

Meet The New Robot Army: Intelligent Machines That Could Usher In A New Era Of Autonomous Warfare Are Already Here

Meet the New Robot Army Intelligent machines that could usher in an era of autonomous warfare are already here ILLUSTRATION: ALEXANDER WELLS By Paul Scharre April 11, 2018 10:00 a.m. ET 27 COMMENTS In contemporary sci-fi—HBO’s “Westworld,” for example—sentient machines take up arms against humanity. In the real world, intelligent—and increasingly autonomous—robots are being created with […]

Forecasting The Future Of Warfare

David Maxwell:  “A long important read with important history (and a “scorecard”).” Excerpt: How Did We Do? You Decide.   I gave up command of the Army War College in the summer of 2000. Gen. Rick Shinseki, chief of staff at the time, kindly asked that I stay on active duty another six months to […]

The Case For Extreme Worry

In places that include China and Russia, chief rival powers to the U.S., technology is “empowering top-down authoritarianism as liberal democracy weakens.” The case for extreme worry Axios · by Mike Allen To White House insiders, this is the most dangerous phase of Donald Trump’s presidency so far, from the brewing trade war with China that he denies is a […]