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Are We Ready For The ‘Burn-In’ And The Real Robotic Revolution? 

Are We Ready for the ‘Burn-In’ and the Real Robotic Revolution? | RealClearDefense · by Michael D. Brasseur Peter W. Singer and August Cole have just released their latest book, “Burn-in: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution.” Singer and Cole describe their work as “useful fiction” as they, through a thrilling, yet plausible story in the […]

Sci-Fi Eye: Natural Selection On The Unmanned Battlefield

Sci-Fi Eye: Natural selection on the unmanned battlefield 12th May 2020 8:00 am Forget the “Terminator scenario”. The future of AI based warfare could be far weirder than that writes Gareth L Powell Two articles in last month’s issue caught my eye. The first was about the Royal Navy’s decision to test extra-large autonomous submarines […]

The Air Force Wants to Cut Surveillance Drones—A Think Tank Argues That’s A Mistake

Excerpt: However, a study by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment makes the case that non-stealth surveillance drones could be useful before any shots get fired by providing persistent surveillance of global hot spots as part of a concept dubbed “Deterrence by Detection.” Systematic surveillance could render non-viable underhanded “gray zone” actions reliant on plausible deniability and/or surprise such as Russia’s seizure […]

‘Music To Putin’s Ears’: Russian Forces Shoot Down U.S. Drone

Excerpts: But Washington and Moscow are again shooting at each other, this time in oil-rich Libya, reports The Pentagon has accused Russian troops of targeting one of its surveillance drones close to the Libyan capital of Tripoli last month. The drone was watching on as a battle for control over the city began to unfold. […]

SOCOM Is Working On A Mechanical ‘Third Arm’ That May Tout A Drone-Killing Weapon System

SOCOM is working on a mechanical ‘third arm’ that may tout a drone-killing weapon system · November 14, 2019 i am iron man Jared Keller November 14, 2019 at 02:36 PM Military Tech VIDEO: Watch the Army’s mechanical ‘third arm’ in action U.S. special operations forces could eventually deploy with an articulated mechanical ‘third arm’ […]

The Dark Side Of Our Drone Future – Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

Excerpts: As the drone future approaches, policy makers, industry leaders, security forces, and technology innovators must prioritize key questions: How will national governments secure emerging drone infrastructures as they grow exponentially over the next few years? How will data be kept secure? Can the hacking of drones and spread of disinformation be prevented? And, in […]

Russia’s Sukhoi Shows Off Stealthier Vision For Its “Hunter” Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle

Russia’s Sukhoi Shows Off Stealthier Vision For Its “Hunter” Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle We now know that Sukhoi intends to make its unmanned combat air vehicle very stealthy, which will help overcome some of the Su-57’s shortcomings. By Tyler RogowayAugust 25, 2019 The War Zone Courtesy of Michael Jerdev/@MuxelAero SHARE Tyler RogowayView Tyler Rogoway’s Articles […]

The Pocket-Sized Black Hornet Drone Is About To Change Army Operations Forever

The Pocket-Sized Black Hornet Drone Is About To Change Army Operations Forever · by Joseph Trevithick · February 6, 2019 Even the service’s smallest units will soon have the ability to scout ahead and see into hard to reach spaces from behind cover. By Joseph Trevithick FLIR Systems SHARE After more than four years of experimentation and […]

Pentagon Rolls Out Major Cyber, AI Strategies This Summer

Pentagon Rolls Out Major Cyber, AI Strategies This Summer · by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. A DISA schematic of the Department of Defense Information Networks (DoDIN). ARLINGTON: The Pentagon is “weeks” away from rolling out official strategies on cyberspace, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence that will create new capabilities and funding streams, the acting deputy CIO said this morning. “Soon to […]

Giant Pentagon Policy Bill Kicks Off Closed-Door Debate

Giant Pentagon policy bill kicks off closed-door debate Defense News · by Joe Gould · July 11, 2018 WASHINGTON — U.S. House and Senate conferees on the massive 2019 defense authorization bill met Wednesday to launch closed-door negotiations between the chambers’ competing drafts. Lawmakers are expected to wrangle over troop levels, how many F-35s to buy, a ban on […]