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Sci-Fi Eye: Natural Selection On The Unmanned Battlefield

Sci-Fi Eye: Natural selection on the unmanned battlefield 12th May 2020 8:00 am Forget the “Terminator scenario”. The future of AI based warfare could be far weirder than that writes Gareth L Powell Two articles in last month’s issue caught my eye. The first was about the Royal Navy’s decision to test extra-large autonomous submarines […]

The Pentagon’s $800M Effort To Embed AI In Decisions In ‘All Tiers’

The Pentagon’s $800M Effort to Embed AI In Decisions in ‘All Tiers’ That’s the goal of a five-year task order from the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center to Booz Allen Hamilton. · by Nextgov By Aaron Boyd Senior Editor, Nextgov, Nextgov Read bio 12:19 AM ET That’s the goal of a five-year task order from the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center […]

What If The Pentagon Skipped 5G?

What If the Pentagon Skipped 5G? · by Read bio By Mackenzie Eaglen Resident fellow, American Enterprise Institute Read bio 7:00 AM ET The answer to the headaches and security risks of next-generation mobile communications just might be a technological leap past them. It’s round one of a WWE-equivalent policy fight, and the Federal Communications Commission has beat the […]

Grenade Drone Promises An End To Cover (Infantry), Forever

“Infantry portable loitering munitions.”   Excerpt: Innovation and iteration on all scales of remotely piloted bombs exists today, with a special and new predominance in infantry-portable loitering munitions. Designed to be carried on the backs of soldiers or marines and operated by just one or two people, these weapons lean on drone controls and sensors to let […]

The Air Force Wants to Cut Surveillance Drones—A Think Tank Argues That’s A Mistake

Excerpt: However, a study by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment makes the case that non-stealth surveillance drones could be useful before any shots get fired by providing persistent surveillance of global hot spots as part of a concept dubbed “Deterrence by Detection.” Systematic surveillance could render non-viable underhanded “gray zone” actions reliant on plausible deniability and/or surprise such as Russia’s seizure […]

The Dangers Of Trimming The Post-Coronavirus Defense Budget

Excerpts: The military’s readiness free-fall did not occur overnight, and can’t be fixed in a year or even four. It will take years of consistent funding before the military will be considered adequate for the missions it is expected to perform. That’s a cost this country has easily shouldered in the past. As former Secretary […]

Thornberry Unveils Pentagon Reform Package

Excerpts: “It always concerns me a lot if DoD or any other agency ignores the law,” Thornberry said. “I believe very strongly that when we put something into law, when it’s signed into law by the President, then it is the law of the U.S. And you may like it or you may not like […]

China Seizes Covid-19 Advantage In South China Sea

China seizes Covid-19 advantage in South China Sea China ramps up military drills and energy exploitation in contested waterway while US military bogged down in virus crisis at home by Richard Javad Heydarian April 1, 2020 MANILA – With the Covid-19 pandemic mostly contained in China and now wreaking havoc on the United States, security analysts are […]

China’s Version Of GPS Is Almost Complete. Here’s What That Means.

Excerpts: Beijing expects the size of its satellite navigation industry to surpass 400 billion yuan ($57 billion) this year, with BeiDou contributing the vast majority of that value. In the future, the Chinese government sees BeiDou and related services as a major industry, particularly for countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative, the swath of […]

Pentagon Seeks To Classify Future Year Defense Spending Plans

The Pentagon has requested a number of legislative changes this year, in addition to the FYDP classification attempt. Among the notable requests are one that would remove the requirement for the Secretary of Defense to “notify the Senate and House Armed Services Committees whenever the Secretary establishes or modifies an end-of-quarter strength level;” requested the […]