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The U.S. Must Deploy A Sub-Launched Low-Yield Nuke

The US must deploy a sub-launched low-yield nuke By: Bradley Bowman and Andrew Gabel   1 day ago June 14, 2019 AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to Facebook 113Share to TwitterShare to EmailShare to More 17 A Trident II D-5 ballistic missile launches from the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine West Virginia during a test at the […]

Chinese Nuclear Armed Submarines In Russian Arctic Ports? It Could Happen.   June 1, 2019 Chinese Nuclear Armed Submarines in Russian Arctic Ports? It Could Happen. What once seemed completely farfetched has now evidently become a topic of semi-serious discussion. by Lyle J. Goldstein Many have speculated on the possibility of a Russia-China alliance. At a forum in China not long ago, I distinctly remember a […]

Iran ‘Is Six Months Away From Having NUCLEAR WEAPONS,’ And ‘Israelis Need To Be Worried,’ Warns Former Deputy Director Of The International Atomic Energy Agency

Iran ‘Is Six Months Away From Having NUCLEAR WEAPONS,’ And ‘Israelis Need To Be Worried,’ Warns Former Deputy Director Of The International Atomic Energy Agency      Chris Pleasance posted an article to the June 5, 2019 edition of the DailyMail, with the title above. He noted that the former Deputy Director of the International Atomic […]

The U.S., Iran, And Maximum Pressure

Strategic Comment The U.S., Iran And ‘Maximum Pressure’ Tensions between the United States and Iran have risen sharply in recent weeks. The Iran nuclear deal may collapse permanently in the coming months. While the leader of neither country appears to want war, conflict remains possible due to misperception and miscalculation. A year after United States […]

Fresh Guess At N.Korea’s Nuclear Warheads Offered; 10-20 Assembled Warheads

Fresh Guess at N.Korea’s Nuclear Warheads Offered A private U.S. think tank has offered yet another guess at the number of nuclear warheads North Korea might possess and has alighted on 20. In a report released last week, the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments estimates that North Korea is the world’s eighth nuclear-armed […]

Defense Technology Program Brief On Hypersonic Missiles

Defense_Technology_Briefing_-_Issue_18 Hypersonic See the full report at the link above  

Worst Case Scenario (EMP Threat)

Worst Case Scenario By Brian F. Sullivan When last I wrote about the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) issue, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) had yet to publish its proposed rule for Mitigating Beyond Design Basis Events (MBDBE). Since then, in a 3 to 2 vote, the NRC has gutted the rule, so as to leave our […]

North Korea Won’t Give Up All Its Nuclear Weapons, Former Defense Secretary Gates Says

David Maxwell Comment:  “Good to see the former SECDEF (as well as an increasing number of others) acknowledge this.  As I wrote here in the article excerpted below both the hardliners and the engagers make the erroneous assumption that Kim can be coerced or co-opted into denuclearization the north rather than recognize first and foremost his political […]

North Korea Is Waiting For Trump To Blink … Or Leave Office; And Some Very Interesting Comments From David Maxwell

David Maxwell Comment:  “I have to half disagree.  Yes he is waiting for Trump to blink (but I have good confidence he will not).  However, Kim’s timing is limited and he actually only has 3 more years assuming Trump is re-elected in 2020.  That is because the stars (Trump) and the moon (Moon Jae-in) will […]

Weapons Tested By Kim Could Strike Deep Into South Korea

David Maxwell Comment:  “That is the point.  In addition to all the messaging we assume the tests serve a practical purpose – testing a new system before fielding and ensuring the readiness of another.  Yes the tests with “projectiles” landing in the waters of the East Sea did not pose a threat to the US […]