The Coming War For Cyber Space:  The Internet, Conceived As A Tool For Advancing Freedom, Now Puts Democratic Societies At Risk — ‘The Next Revolution Will Be Tweeted — Or, Maybe Not        There are at least two new books out, and probably more, just published on the worldwide web, its […]

The comments highlighted in blue below are by/from Col. (Ret.) David Maxwell and his contact info is at the bottom of this page.  RCP, David Maxwell: And what do we think happens if they are defeated in the 3d phase of protracted warfare (War of Movement or Conventional War Phase)?  Would we expect anything […] Trump To Nominate Raytheon Lobbyist For Next Army Secretary By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Greg Jaffe By Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Greg Jaffe July 19 at 2:09 PM U.S. Soldiers from the 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, conduct training in Orzysz, Poland, on April 3. (Spec. Nathanael Mercado/ Army)   President Trump will nominate Mark Esper, a top lobbyist for Raytheon and a former […]

Perhaps he is a fan of Machiavelli.  RCP, Saudi King’s Son Plotted Effort to Oust His Rival Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, who replaced Mohammed bin Nayef as the next in line to be king. SAUDI PRESS AGENCY, VIA EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY By BEN HUBBARD, MARK MAZZETTI and ERIC SCHMITT July 18, 2017 AMMAN, […]

Excerpt: Officials said Trump made the decision to scrap the CIA program nearly a month ago, after an Oval Office meeting with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and national security adviser H.R. McMaster ahead of a July 7 meeting in Germany with Russian President Vladimir Putin. … After the Trump-Putin meeting, the United States and Russia […]

Wonder if they increased intelligence collection spending — which will be needed in the absence of increased defense spending — otherwise, they will have less defense and more susceptible to tactical and strategic surprise.  RCP, French Military Chief Quits Over Budget Dispute With Macron  19 Jul 2017 – 12:12 Chief of the Defence […]

Hackers Can Breach Burglar Alarm System With $142 Device – It’s Called YARD Stick One — And, It Only Takes Seconds        A writer going by the name Wagas, had an article, July 18, 2017, on the cyber security website,, with the title above.  “YARD Stick One, is a hand-held USB stick, easily […]

How To Steal a Mobile Phone Number & Everything Linked To It  — Meet Signaling System 7, A Hacker’s Best Friend        Steven Melendez has a July 18, 2017 article on the website, FastCompany, with the title above.  Mr. Melendez begins by writing how even the most tech-savvy can still be vulnerable, and […]

How Did Taliban Fighters Get Their Hands On U.S. Special-Operations Gear? By Twitter, View Original July 18th, 2017 A screenshot from the “Omari Army 5″ propaganda video appears to show a Taliban fighter wielding an FN SCAR rifle. Screenshot/Al Emarah Studio Taliban fighters are packing new American-made heat — at least, according to their propaganda videos. […]

Excerpts: In the 75 years since the creation of the United States’ first special operations forces, the achievements of those forces have built up popular confidence in their capabilities to such an extent that their success is often taken for granted. The recounting of their numerous triumphs, however, can easily obscure the historical reality that […]