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Potential Bio-Pharma Takeover Candidates; Egypt In Turmoil

Bio-Tech/Pharma: Mergers & Acquitions (M&A) – Who’s Next/Ripe For Takeover/Buyout Before I get too long into this note, CellDex (CLDX) was one of 3 bio-pharms highlighted this evening on CNBC’s Fast Money during a segment on “Bio-Tech M&A – Who’s Next?” The segment came in light of Amgen’s offer to buyout ONYX Pharma- which rejected […]

It’s Hard To Write A Happy Ending To QE

There is a reason exit is a four-letter word! FINANCIAL TIMES June 17, 2013 It’s Hard to Write a Happy Ending to ‘QE’ By John Plender Was it just a transitory bout of angst? Or have we finally witnessed the end of the great 32-year bull market in bonds? It feels to me like the […]

Fascinating Interview With Author Of “The Rotten Heart Of Europe”

Fascinating CNBC Interview With Bernard Connolly, Author Of “The Rotten Heart Of Europe” Rick Santelli of CNBC had a fascinating and thought provoking interview this morning with Bernard Connolly today. Mr. Connolly is an Oxford educated British economist who is known for his pessimistic outlook for the Euro and the European Monetary Union. Having acknowledged […]

China’s GDP Miss Sparks Equity/Precious Metals Selloff

China’s Soft Economic Numbers & Commodities Sell-Off Sparks Mini-Meltdown For Stocks China’s Q1 2013 GDP figures came in below forecasts at +7.7% vs. expectations of +8.1%. Jing Wang, Chief China Equity Strategist at JP Morgan said consumption, retail sales, and industrial production were all lower than expected. You couple these “softer” than expected economic numbers […]

Share Buybacks Don’t Bode Well For Real Economy

What is described below doesn’t always work out that way. If it did, everyone would be rich. As has been said many times, the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. Having said that, I thought it was worth forwarding FINANCIAL TIMES 12 Apr 2013 3:34pm Share buybacks bode ill for real […]

Small Bio-Pharma Stocks ACAD, & ANAC Have Big Days

Small Pharma Stocks ACAD, ANAC Both Have Big Days I have written over the past month about four bio-pharma stocks/companies that I have bought shares in. SRPT, ACAD, ANAC, and. TSRX. I want to make it clear, I have a high-risk tolerance and, I don’t speculate with more than 10% of the portfolio. Bio-pharma stocks […]

Japan Initiates ‘Shock & Awe’: NK: Mafia Wrapped In An Army

Paradigm Shift In Japan: Bank of Japan Initiates a “Shock & Awe Campaign” I posted a detailed piece earlier that discussed the massive asset purchases that the bank of Japan announced today — purchasing 1.4T Yen of riskier assets by the end of next year — REITs, ETF, Bonds, etc. It is important to understand […]

Stock Market Selloff -Sell The Bounces Or, Buy Weakness?

Stock Market Selloff Today: Sell The Bounces? or, Buy On Weakness? Like most things in life, it depends. If you have been fully invested in equities since the beginning of the year, it would be wise to “bank” some profit — there is no need to “chase’ performance here. If you have not fully participated […]

Geostrategic Implications Of Unconventional Oil & Natural Gas

Geostrategic Implications of Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas By Sarah O. Ladislaw and Maren Leed, CSIS April 1, 2013 U.S. oil and gas production is on the rise due to the remarkable surge in unconventional oil and gas development. The widespread realization of the economic, technological, and commercial viability of these tremendous oil and gas […]

Where Does Stock Mkt Go From Here? IT Spending In 2013

S&P Move Past All-Time High; Portfolio For 2nd Half of 2013; GDP Forecasts The S&P moved past its all-time high of 1565 (reached Oct. 2007) and closed at 1569 on Thursday, March 28 &, the last trading day of the first quarter. The S&P rose over 11% for the quarter & both the DOW & […]