Internet-Of-Things (IoT) Malware Discovered Trying To Attack Satellite Systems Of Aircraft And Ships; Black Hat 2018 Speaker Details His Successful Hack Of An In-Flight Commercial Aircraft WiFi Network      Kelly Jackson Higgins posted an August 9, 2018 article on the security and technology website, with the title above. For those of you not familiar, […]

David Maxwell Wrote:  “As usual another fascinating story about many great Americans.  However, what caught my eye was the briefing slide toward the very end of the article  Note this statement: “Insufficient capacity available through Global Force Management.”  Are we over extended?  How many contingencies could we handle near simultaneously (of course it depends on the locations, […]

The 77th Brigade was the only one to fight in both expeditions. It was later disbanded but has been re-activated as a cyber warfare force focused on unconventional warfare in the digital domain. The British special operators who terrorized Japanese forces · August 9, 2018 In 1943 and 1944, specially chosen units of the British Empire […]

Pence details plan for creation of Space Force in what would be the sixth branch of the military By Christian Davenport, www.washingtonpost.comView OriginalAugust 9th, 2018 Vice President Pence laid out an ambitious plan Thursday that would create a military command dedicated to space this year and eventually establish a “Space Force” as the sixth branch of the […]

DeepLocker: Artificially Enhanced Malware Is Coming; And, It Is The Equivalent Of A Digital…Weapon Of Mass Disruption I have written several articles in the past year on artificially-enhanced (AI) malware and the profound threat it will pose as we move deeper into late 2018 and into 2019.  We are already seeing artificially-enhanced malware for sale […]

Exclusive – Syrian Arms Trafficker Brokers Deals between N. Korea, Houthis, Libyans Asharq Al-Awsat Thursday, 9 August, 2018 New York – Ali Barada Experts on a United Nations sanctions committee recommended adding shipping vessels, individuals and companies to the North Korea sanctions list over their dealings with Pyongyang. They revealed in a report correspondence between North Korean officials and […]

We need a ‘Title 30’ to reflect 21st century operations.  RCP, David Maxwell Comment:  “For one of the best treatments of the covert, clandestine and traditional military activities  discussions for lay people I recommend Chapter 7 of this reference from the Assessing Revolutionary and Insurgent Strategies (ARIS)  project. Specifically pages 120-136 at this link.  […]

History’s Lesson Regarding Russian Cyber Warfare Daniel HoffmanFormer CIA Chief of Station Ten years ago this month, war erupted between Russia and Georgia after Georgian troops attacked South Ossetia and shelled the town of Tskhinvali, in response to alleged Russian provocations. Russia justified its military action based on countering Georgia’s aggression- President Medvedev’s called […]

David Maxwell Wrote:  “I do not think I will be visiting this web site.  I am sure every computer that accesses it will receive some kind of malware or virus.We should keep this in mind.  Despite being mostly isolated from the outside world north Korea has developed some superior information technology capabilities.  (I wonder how […]

The trailer is at this link: ‘The Spy Gone North’ Review: Twisty Korean Spy Epic Boasts all the Confusion and Intrigue of a John Le Carré Novel By David Ehrlich, www.indiewire.comView OriginalAugust 8th, 2018 It may be noble to go undercover — for someone to erase their identity in service of a cause or country — but […]